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SIT XpressN 8th Miss & Mr. Madhya Pradesh Contest

 Training Sessions for SIT XpressN 8th Miss & Mr. Madhya Pradesh Contest    A proven fact "You can have anything you want,if you want it with exuberance that erupts through and join the energy that created the world". In the shows held annually,the participants display their creativity and professionalism.The participants were trained for 90 hours giving them the right techniques to train for modeling or just want to look like one.Our Grooming Sessions help them develope fashion sense,photo sense,Make-up,diet,STAGE LIGHTS etc.The complete training and show choreography was done by the wellknown Expert Mr.Yogendra Rai he is known to bring out the best in every participant with his professional and pragmatic approach.

 Grand Finale OF SIT XpressN 8th Miss & Mr. Madhya Pradesh Contest    Taking forward the same pledge, we made it a grand success on 24th january 2013 at BSSS College, Auditorium,BHOPAL.Where participants all over madhya pradesh after clearing their auditions and trainings were all prepared to burn the stage.The participants were pragmatically trained for all the necessary aspects of modelling be it ramp walk, body language, fashion sense, posing,portfolio,diet,fitness etc.. The students enjoyed the makeovers to become talk of the town.They had many rounds to showcase their talent of modelling and personality in presence of a huge crowd.

 Press Conference and Media Coverage for SIT XpressN 8th Miss & Mr. Madhya Pradesh Contest    It is here again a success story ,when it comes to placements of students.Our students are the most preffered by the multi-national companies.Once enrolled they are exposed to well-structured,intensive training program,under the close guidance and monitering of ever-willing and dedicated faculty members.The winners were awarded with attractive prizes & a Global Platform to showcase their talent and ability.The respected Press and media present at the event made possible for the students to get perfect LIMELIGHT.


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